About the OMR

The OMR is a member of the Order of Saint Benedict Mother House USA.

We are mystics who practice Meditational Prayer.

We are a people of peace and nonviolence.

We recognize all people as God’s children.

We are a liberating force.

We are as “old” as mankind’s search for God.

We are as “new” as today’s technology.

We have maintained the ancient universal teachings of the Christ.

We have shed superstition and oppression.

We are invigorated by the Rule of Benedict.

We originate from the “old” teachings of the First Century Christians—meaning, the generation of believers who had joined the movement with its, for that time, “new” teachings and message of Jesus, the Christ.

If one thing stands out that separates Christianity from all other Faiths, it is Love.

The Christian way is the way of Love;

Feeding the hungry;

Providing clothing and shelter;

Attending to medical needs;

And many other ways to meet people’s needs.

We encourage each of you to actively participate in any of the many programs that do good works in your local community, or if you see a need that is not being met, begin working to remedy the problem or start a local program to do so. The Christian way is the way of Love and Wisdom. The Benedictine way is the systematic application of the Christian way.

What is Benedictine spirituality and why do we encourage it?

Jesus taught the spiritual principles upon which Christianity has been built. Saint Benedict used the spiritual principles of the Christian Faith and wrote The Rule of Benedict, which applies those spiritual teachings in a very practical way that provides the structure used by many monasteries, orders, and religious societies.

Benedictine spirituality is not the goal for which we are all striving, but it is a starting point that can help many of us find our way closer to God. Benedictine spirituality is a tool. A life united to the Will of the Divine is the goal.

St. Benedict lived before the first schism of the Church and thus is equally Orthodox and Catholic. As such, The Rule of Benedict, like the writings of other early Fathers of the Church, is accepted universally by those who follow the way of life that Jesus taught.

We encourage you to read daily from The Rule of BenedictInsights for the Ages by Joan Chisttister, OSB (ISBN 0-8245-2503-5). This is a book worth purchasing. We believe the daily reading of this work will deepen everyone’s relationship with God, and will be a continual source of spiritual growth as readers apply these practical spiritual principles in their daily lives.

In a world that is totally bereft of spirituality, The Rule of Benedict may seem like advanced teachings for Saints and Sages, but it is truly for everyone. Saint Benedict wrote the following in Chapter 73 of The Rule, “Are you hastening toward your heavenly home? Then with Christ’s help, keep this little rule that we have written for beginners. After that, you can set out for the loftier summits of the teaching and virtues we mentioned, and under God’s protection you will reach them.”

Saint Benedict taught a just way of prayer, peace, and action. We follow that way. And, as we do not live on a spiritual island, we are active in the real world and we apply the practical wisdom of St. Benedict to reinforce our Christian spirituality. Prayer is good, but “soup fills the belly!” As such, we teach our members to offer their prayers and spiritual insights, but we also teach them to be an active, contributing part of society. We ask our members to live to their potential and to become part of the solution.